Godred’s Gap

A test layout for railway automation. Built on A1 foamboard, this 2mm layout will be automated using the Java Model Railway Interface (JMRI) which is available as a free download.

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An 009 Gauge layout which was first shown at an early stage of construction at the Croydon MRS Exhibition in 2018.

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Wats Lane

Wats Lane is imagined to be a preserved railway in the south of England. Formerly it was an interchange between a quarry line and a short branch line, which also served the small local community.

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Stickey End

Stickey End is an imaginary small branch terminus in the south of England. Originally built by a Victorian industrialist to serve his private estate, it was mainly used in the steam era by Londoners escaping into the countryside.

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The layout title ‘Meinrheinszene’ is translated as ‘My Rhine Scene’. The location is fictitious but is inspired by the Rhine valley main line, particularly through the Rhine Gorge region between Koblenz and Rudesheim. The scale is 2mm.

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Round and Round – 30th September

The wiring has been completed and testing is well underway. Some fine tuning of the servo start and end points along with checking that the current detectors all function. The tables have been set up on JMRI and the soft mimic panel tracks the loco.

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