Maxwell is of nowhere in particular. During operation, you will see steam and diesel locomotives, from around the 60's era. Special trains running will include the Blue Pullman, a special locomotive hauled Pullman, and a Brighton Belle,

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Avon Sidings

The layout was originally a German 4mm layout owned, then donated by a former member of the Society. It has been substantially rebuilt with new trackwork. The layout has been named Avon Sidings, and was first seen at our 2011 exhibition as a shunting puzzle.

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Toop Tramway

This 4mm layout comprises a continuous run double track, including a Depot. It represents a typical British town in the 1920’s to 1950’s. The layout measures 7 feet (2.13m) by 3 ft 6 ins (1.06m).

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Croydon Tramlink

This 4mm model is a section of Wellesley Road, Croydon, viewed as from the west. It was constructed inside four weeks in time for the Society’s Annual Exhibition in October 1999. Operation of the layout is entirely automatic.

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Culm Valley

Culm Valley is a project that comprises two individual 3mm scale layouts – Hemlock and Uffculme. It is based on the Culm Valley Light Railway which was opened on 1st June 1876. Two of its stations were Hemyock and Uffculme.

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This 3mm layout is based on the station at Hemyock on the Culm Valley Light Railway. The only departure from prototype is the creation of the Hemlock Branch of the Grand Western Canal, hence the change of the name to Hemlock. The track plan and buildings are of the original Edwardian period.

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