This is the latest club layout to be started from scratch. It is being built on baseboards that have been reused after the forthcoming Railway Challenge TV series.

It is being modelled in 7mm scale with features such as a ship coal loader being planned.

The initial layout plan has now been revised to take better account of the intracacies of dockside operations.

The layout is at a very early stage of construction.

Progress updates can be found after the photographs.

November 2018

Work has started on building the ground frame hut that will house the miniature mimic panel for the dockside tracks. Some very small light emitting diodes have been purchased. The next step is to design an initial panel to test construction and operation, but first let us demonstrate the concept.

At the last club meeting in December, the trackwork looked like this.

The track on the left has been fixed down using Malcolm’s nail gun.

The track on the far left is not connected to the rest of the layout and will run a shuttle from end to end. As this is a DCC layout, there are going to be some electronic challenges in constructing a shuttle module.

The ground frame hut can just be seen in the distance.

The layout is likely to be available for exhibitions in the future so this is going to require some woodwork changes to make the baseboard mnore robust. Currently they are MDF screwed to the baseboard. New legs will need to be made that are astronger and can be removed and put together again more easily.

As there will be electronic modules on all three boards, thought is now being given to how to communicate between the boards and discussion has started on the type of pluggable connections that will be needed.

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