This layout is being developed to give members the opportunity to try out new techniques and learn new skills which they can re-use on their own layouts.

The layout is 4mm scale with two loops and a freight line. The layout can be controlled by analog DC controllers or by digital DCC control.

There are 20+ points on the layout and these are controlled by the CBUS messaging system developed by members of the Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG).

Each week a number of members get together to progress the layout and the postings below summarise what is being done.

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Purleigh’s Progress.

2018 11 12 3D Printing

We have been doing some further thinking on the girder bridge and dcided that we needed to rethink our approach. Some early prints of a curved viaduct, using the new Prusa 3D printer look to be promising. Even more so when the height of the viaduct differs from the baseboard height …

2018 11 05 Track and Panels

The tracklaying focus ois now on the West side of the fiddle year. Three 3-way points were ripped up in preparation for the laying of conventional points. More work on electronics and a revamp of the mimic panels.

2018 10 29 DC Control Wiring

Sckets are being placed at four stations around the layout to allow flexibility in operation and to allow multiple operators to work in their own space without getting in the way of others. Multiple sockets are available for DC and DCC control.

2018 10 22 DC Control Wiring

The DC control wiring was extended to a second set of sockets so that operators can work at different locations on the layout. The DCC controller was tested and all went well. Now to wire the next two sets of DC control sockets. Little real modelling this week.

2018 10 01 It’s Those Points Again

Another afternoon session looking at problematic points, DC control wiring, power switching over the viaduct and thinking about a tester to help us diagnose wiring problems.

2018 09 24 More Trackwork

Some time sorting out derailments and trying to work out the sequence of events to successfullt change a three way point.

2018 09 15 Progress on the Bridge

Ray and Malcolm have made good progress with the girder bridge and Malcom and I spent quite some time realigning the bridge track which was fine until someone lent on it - Malcolm has some ideas on how to fix it. More rail has been painted plus some more ballasting …

2018 09 03 Problematic Pointwork

No electronic wizards last week so work concentrated on the track. A realignment to one of the exit tracks from a 3 way point solved the derailing problem and 3 other points were cleaned up and now work perfectly. A fourth point which was giving trouble (derailing) was worked on …

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