This layout is being developed to give members the opportunity to try out new techniques and learn new skills which they can re-use on their own layouts.

The layout is 4mm scale with two loops and a freight line. The layout can be controlled by analog DC controllers or by digital DCC control.

There are 20+ points on the layout and these are controlled by the CBUS messaging system developed by members of the Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG).

Each week a number of members get together to progress the layout and the postings below summarise what is being done.

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Purleigh’s Progress.

9th January – Foundations

The main task was building a solid foundation for the viaduct and its associated scenics. Work on the station mimic panel continued. Some modellers liked the door; others bemoaned the lack of handles and hinges!

2nd January – Mind the Gap

Most of the effort was expended trying to get the viaduct correctly positioned and good progress with a new building for the wagon works.

12th December – Precipice

The viaduct track needs to accurately align with the track on the baseboard and that involved much discussion and preparation.

5th December – All About Glues

A tale of Gorilla glue, five minute Epoxy glue and the ubiquitous PVA. All three glues needed to ensure that the track and viaduct components stay together. Apart from that work started on the station mimic panel and the modellers started stripping - the ballast that is.

28th November – The Viaduct Takes Shape

All the components of the eight arcch viaduct have now been 3D printed and glued together. The 'ravine' has been made wider and the arches now lock in place. A line of low relief cottages is under construction. More progress on fiddle yard pointwork.

21st November – The Viaduct

The 3D printer has been working overtime and four of the eight arches are now ready. Work continues on the wagon works, fiddle yard points, DC control wiring and servo movement detectors this week.

14th November – Interchanges

Purleigh members had the distraction of a weathering workshop and an electronics workshop to contend with but still managed to make good progress on the wagon works, pointwork, interchange interlocking and viaduct planning.

2018 11 12 3D Printing

We have been doing some further thinking on the girder bridge and dcided that we needed to rethink our approach. Some early prints of a curved viaduct, using the new Prusa 3D printer look to be promising. Even more so when the height of the viaduct differs from the baseboard height …

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