Solid Foundations – 23rd January

Solid Foundations – 23rd January

The two Malcolms and Ray continued to work on the viaduct. The challenge has been making the woodwork around the ‘gorge’ sufficiently solid to allow the viaduct to be supported accurately and to allow it to be removed to allow access to the central well of the layout. Of course we could insist that everybody crawled on their hands and knees under the baseboards but we are not getting any younger.

The original movable trolley has now been replaced by a movable shelf that will lift in and out. Under the shelf are some more substantial timbers and brasswork to keep the configuration stable.

Richard made a brief appearance to take back the wagon works and put it back in the corner of the layout.

Some thought is also being given to the DC control system. Currently the layout can either be controlled by hand held sliders connected to the DC controllers or by a DCC hand held keyboard. A third option is being considered whereby the DCC controller can also control the DC circuits. A number of different modules are required – these are shown in the photo below.

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