9th January – Foundations

9th January – Foundations

The gap between the two baseboards challenged Dave and Malcolm C. Ultimately the viaduct will cross the gap but the ‘Days of the Trolley’ are long gone. The challenge is to stabilise both boards so that the viaduct can be placed with some accuracy. This has meant the destruction of the trolley and the wood is being re-used to provide a very solid foundation for a small baseboard that will act as the foundation for the viaduct and its associated scenics. Dave and Malcolm proved the adage that you never have enough timber and fittings. So the work was abandoned and will restart in two weeks, by which time Malcolm will be back and his local hardware shop will be richer.

Richard made a short appearance to collect the wagon works so that it can be worked at home. The 3D printed doors seemed to fit the bill.

Malcolm H started on the next phase of the station mimic panel – the wiring of the light emitting diodes.

Again the sparkies were nowhere to be seen. It will probably a month or so before they are able to resume their work on the electrification of the fiddle yard. However there was time to load test the new DCC controller and Booster.

Meanwhile a new DC controller is taking shape.

The two red molules are dual H-Bridge drivers which will deliver pulse width modulation (PWM) control to the three tracks (one channel is redundant). The two green modules on the right are overload protectors so that if the track is short-circuited, the power will  be switched off.

The smaller module in the middle is the interface to the layout messaging system (CBUS). This is a CAN interface of the type used to control the electronics in cars.

The last module on the left is a small version of an Arduino Mega which will link to all the modules and make them work together to enable loco control.

It looks very tidy at the moment but there now needs to be added a lot of wires to link all of these together – it wont look so tidy after that!

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