All About Wagons – 6th February

All About Wagons – 6th February

The buildings are begining to populate the sute of the wagon works. As this phot shows, there is still more track to be laid but this is starting to look like an induxtrial scene. The chimney was added for the purposes of the photo. You might think that the chimney is not vertical. Richard is convinced that it is the wall that is at fault.

The buildings have LED lights installed and thought is now being given about how we will run power to the wagon works and distribute it around the site. We are going to need some constant current devices to drive the LEDs and these have now been ordered from AliExpress – a bit of a misnomer as they will take about three weeks to arrive from China.

The pump house windows have now been 3D printed. All richard needs to do now is construct the building around the windows. There have been some protestations that a wagon works does not need a pump house but we are urging Richard to reconsider.

Malcolm C continues to work on the viaduct, the track has been relaid and assuming that we remember to take the track spacing gauges with us next week, then it should be glued down. This goes to confirm the adage that you never have the tools that you need to do a specific job.

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