Layouts Under Construction

These layouts are currently under construction using two mm, three mm, four mm and seven mm scales.

Avon Sidings

Avon Sidings This 4mm layout was originally the club’s test track which subsequently found a new life as a shunting; puzzle that was very popular at local exhibitions. Dave has now become the layout manager and a refresh is underway. Avon  Articles Click on the image to read the post....

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Blocks a Go Go

Blocks a Go Go A silly name for a number of 2mm (n-gauge) test tracks being constructed to try out a number different aspects of layout automation using electronics.  Currently there are four boards in use: – Board One: the original board has a linear test track and an oval...

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A new OO Gauge (4mm) layout started in the summer of 2022. Digital control will be used for the rolling stock and operated by a layout control bus (LCB).

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This is an O Gauge layout that is intended for display at exhibitions. 3D printing and advanced electronics will feature in this Dockland tableau.

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