Layouts Under Construction

These layouts are currently under construction using two mm, three mm, four mm and seven mm scales.

Godred’s Gap

A test layout for railway automation. Built on A1 foamboard, this 2mm layout will be automated using the Java Model Railway Interface (JMRI) which is available as a free download....

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Signalling Simplified

Signalling Simplified This is an OO Gauge demonstrator layout that will be used to investigate and demonstrate semaphore signalling practices. The layout is a single track with a passing loop and a two car DMU will shuttle back and forth, operating the signals as it traverses the track. PVC ducting...

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This is an O Gauge layout that is intended for display at exhibitions. 3D printing and advanced electronics will feature in this Dockland tableau....

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This layout is being developed to give members the opportunity to try out new techniques and learn new skills which they can re-use on their own layouts. The layout is 4mm scale with two loops and a freight line. There are DC and DCC controllers....

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This 2mm continental layout has been recently acquired by the club. It is in the process of being remodelled as a UK layout. Hilltown is a working title....

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This layout has been modelled in three millimetre scale and based on the county of Devon in the south of England at the time of the Great Western Railway (GWR)....

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