DCC Delights – 13th February

DCC Delights – 13th February

Two mains power blocks are going to be used to supply power to the layout. The first will supply 12V for accessories and the 15V supply will drive the DCC system and the MERG CBUS layout control bus. A connector box (shown) has been designed and 3D printed. This takes the two DC cables and combines the wiring into a single cable with XLR plugs at each end. The box can accept 2.1mm ands 2.5mm DC barrel plugs.

I started wiring the XLR plugs and handed over to Ray. Of course it was me who forgot to thread the plug casings onto the cable before soldering the wires to the plugs!

Malcolm C has been excavating the rectangular hole for the two volt / amps meters that will be used to monitor the power supply. After a bezel has been produced during the week, the meters will be installed next week. Malcolm discovered a bulkhead just where he didn’t want it. Of course, it was me who marked the spot, so to speak, so mea culpa!

Running the wires through the available cavities took longer than we thought – it always seems to do. However by the time we had finished, most of the wiring was in place and just needs to be connected a tested next week.

The DCC controller was mounted on the side of the baseboard. This is a new design by MERG member Peter Brownlow. The lid of the case (yes – 3D printed) has been removed to show the dense circuit board inside.

The black metal at the top is a heat sink to dissipate the heat generated when train are moving on the track.

The unit itself will deliver 2.5A which might be considered to be small for an O Gauge layout but the layout is such that it will not be possible to run many trainsĀ simultaneously so we are not anticipating any problems. In any case, the circuit has the ability to be connected to a booster if necessary.

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