Loose Ends – 27th February

Loose Ends – 27th February

After we packed away last week, we realised that there were some loose ends. One dangling cable was rectified by adding a socket and a jumper lead.

The simple task of changing over the DCC controller enclosure morphed into a bigger task as a change in the dimensions didn’t take account of the indicator LEDs or the warning buzzer. The first was resolved by some desoldering and resoldering and the second was resolved by removing the buzzer from its case.

Ray exercised the 3D printer again by printing an DCC controller enclosure lid. After Allan has strengthened the pillars, the enclosure will be printed next week.

The photo shows the piezo sounder and the oscillator board, both of which have now been glued to the lid.

The problem had arisen as a result of changing from 2.5mm fixings to 3mm fixings. This had necessitated an increase in the standoffs below the pcb. Unfortunately I forgor to increase the sides of the case at the same time!

Now that the base wiring is complete, I can turn my attention back to the signal hut (top photo) and progress the idea of changing from a mimic panel to a mimic screen – not prototypical perhaps – but fun!

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