Pointing the Way – 15th May

Pointing the Way – 15th May

The session was spent working on the points. First a wiring convention was agreed – white nearest the wall for one rail, blue for the other and grey for the frogs. Allan and Ray suggested that green for ‘I haven’t a clue’ but this suggestion was rejected.

Eight point five mm holes were drilled for the servo mounts. A new type of mount is to be trialled which will allow the position to be automatically located.

The green missile in the photo is used to mark the beginning and end points of the point tie bar. It squirts a bright green dye through the hole at one end of the tie bar. The hole is drilled at the mid point.



A 3D printer has been used to create the second version of the Dockland Mimic Panel. The representation of the water in the harbour is certainly not prototypical. However it is very useful for ensuring that the panel is orientated correctly!

The grey circle is the wagon turntable which will lead to the tipping mechanism at the side of the dock.

Malcolm validated the layout which will allow the electronic design to commence.

At the end of the session, Allan entered the layout design into the JMRI program which will be used to test the pointwork until the mimic panel is completed.

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