Underboard – 29th May

Underboard – 29th May

These are the new servo mounts that are now being installed under the baseboard. They are 3D printed and are designed to be inserted into the 8.5mm holes that have been drilled under the tie bars on the points.

The servos are mounted on to the downward facing pillars.

The mechanism works well but the it is a tight fit which has needed a bit of fettling of the holes and the servo mount.

Malcolm H has spent most of the afternoon under the baseboard routing the dropper wiring which now emerge from the side of the board – awaiting to be cut to the right length, ferrules attached and then connected to the DCC wiring.

The droppers provide the power from the DCC controller to the rails.

The back of the layout will have the entrance to a breward complete with a wrought iron sign over the gate. SOme thought is now being given as to how to make a drawing of the ironwork and then translate the image file into a 3D drawing that can then be used to create the final model.

It might be a good idea to model the wagon tipping mechanism in Lego before building the final mechanism. Some bright red plastic at the end of the dock might be a step too far!

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