Wires and Windows – 17th January

Wires and Windows – 17th January

Some further experiments with warehouse windows. The thickness of the glass was printed from 0.2mm to 0.9 mm. Although there is some variation it is not as great as might be expected.

In the image below, the thickness was increased to 2mm. In this case, the3D slicing software starts to print a grid to save material. This grid was printed in black and the overall effect is a window with a security grill behind it.

Most time was spent installing slotted trunking under the baseboard and running the cables that will carry the DCC power to the tracks. The DCC inter-board connections were completed using three pin XLR sockets.

Printed circuit junction boxes have been mounted on the side of the baseboards to allow the distribution of accessory power and to connect dropper wiores from the track to the DCC supply.

No progress on the control wiring this week, but the trunking is all in place and the socketry to allow connection to control boards is all in place.

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