Wires and Wireless – 12th June

Wires and Wireless – 12th June

Allan spent all afternoon under the layout.

The first task was to install the servos using the new self-locating servo mounts and check that the points throw correctly using a small servo tester.

The second task was to complete the running of the dropper wires and extend them where necessary. This work was mostly completed with about four wires to sort out next week.

Most of the wiring runs through plastic conduits and some of these are getting pretty full, particularly the ones that carry the dropper cables.

Meanwhile work on the ground signal hut continues. 

The challenge has been to devise an O scale mimic panel that works. Not only is it difficult to solder wires onto tiny surface mount LEDs, it is also difficult to locate them neatly on the panel.

The latest iteration is to investigate the use of a 8 x 8 LED matrix, powered by a Wemos D1 wifi connected microcontroller. This works in terms of the scaling. The challenge will be the programming to connect it to the CBUS layout control system. The matrix will be covered by a mimic panel with holes to allow the lights to be seen.

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