12th December – Precipice

12th December – Precipice

This is one of those weeks where there is not much to show for the effort expended.

The track is now securely glued to the viaduct but the alignment of the track on the baseboard is a key issue. After much discussion the way to get the heights to align was agreed anf the paxolin, to which the rails will be soldered was put in place.

Dave cleared more old ballast inpreparation and accepted the challenge to construct the 3D printed cottages.

Ray spent time 3D printing skips – an essential lineside accessory – apparently! Attempts at printing fencing fared less well.


Malcolm H continued with the wiring of the station mimic panel. No further progress on the baseboard electrics will be undertaken until the current work or the trackwork around the viaduct is complete.

Just as an illustration of how 3D printing can result in the strangest of objects – how about this 4mm scale train shuttle tester.

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