14th November – Interchanges

14th November – Interchanges

Richard grasped the nettle and did some serious tracklaying in the wagon works. This is a necessary pre-cursor to planning the layout of the buildings on the site.

Dave started re-laying the pointwork on the west side of the fiddle yard and provided advice on the many adhesive approaches that could be used on plastic kits.

Allan completed the wiring for the fiddle yard inner and outer track interchange and then used the PC to set the configurations on the CBUS layout control network. Both the station and fiddle yard interchanges require four point changes due to the close proximity of some of the points.

During the week, the 3D printing of the curved viaduct continued. Each arch takes 15 hours to print. Four arches are now complete and some time was spent considering how they should be assembled. It became clear that pairs of arches needed to be assembled as one module and then all the modules arranged on the floor of the valley.

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