2018 10 29 DC Control Wiring

2018 10 29 DC Control Wiring

The main success of the session was that Ray completed the Viaduct power wiring and Dave was able to run trains around the freight line and the outer loop. The power to the viaduct is switched by relays at the same time as the points are changed.

Dave and Malcolm C sent some on the East side of the Fiddle Yard relaying the trackwork. Dave was rewarded for his efforts by being permitted to continue with the rail painting.

Time was spent by Malcolm H, Ray and Dave planning station train movement sequences. After an intense flip chart session, the train movements were agreed and Ray was able to plan the electronics that are going to be needed to enable successful operations. Three sets of dual relays are going to be needed to switch the DC power to the three isolated sections.

Allan continued with the DC wiring, the three sockets to the east of the station were completed and tested. Some further preparation was carried out on the cables on the West side. Once access to the junction box is possible, after the fiddle yard trackwork is complete, the DC control wiring will be completed.

Once the track has been re-laid, there will be discrepancies between the track and the mimic panels. A new solution is being developed using stripboard to place the LEDs and switches and the panel will be 3D printed. The overall finish will be less good than the existing panels but construction will be considerably easier and modifications will be more easily accommodated.

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