2018 11 05 Track and Panels

2018 11 05 Track and Panels

The tracklayers, Dave and Malcolm C, were out in force again and have made progress on relaying the points at the right hand side of the fiddle yard. Dave has also been following through with the ballast – hoping that it has set this time.

Ray has started implementing the electronics to control the movement of trains from the inner track to the station loop; this will be continued next time.

Allan had been busy further developing the mimic panels. The photos below show the progress to date of the Station Mimic Panel.

Two layers of black are printed on top of the white plate. All holes are printed meaning that there is no drilling to be done.

The switches and LEDs are fixed to the stripboard and the 3D printed panel fits over the top. Multi-way cable will connect the stripboard to the electronics inside the box.

The stripboard has a fixed 2.54mm grid, so the positioning of the LEDs does not always look consistent. The advantage of this approach is that further switches and lights can be more easily added to the stripboard and the top panel reprinted.

The black buttons will be replaced by a different colour for clarity.

Blue was not much better than black so the yellow will be used for track interchanges, the red will stay red as it is the outer loop.

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