21st November – The Viaduct

21st November – The Viaduct

The preceding week seem to have been spent slaving over a hot 3D printer. The viaduct required four pairs of arches. Each pair takes 40+ hours to produce on the printer. Two pairs have now been completed with a further four hours printing to complete the third arch.

The arch has been printed using PLA and the first drainpipes (used to hide the joints) have been printed with a higher temperature PLA called PLA-X.

The DC controller wiring was finally completed as a further 21 wires needed to be soldered into the junction box (yes – I had been putting off that task for a number of weeks!). Some issues were encountered along the way which seemed to be connected to the relays switching in isolated sections when the points were switched – this will need to be looked at in more detail next week.

Ray has moved the servo movement detector boards to be nearer the servos themselves and secured them to the underside of the baseboard. Screws were used for the first two but trying to screw upwards into hard plywood is difficult so for the next two, 3M adhesive pads were used instead of screws.

Richard continued track laying in the wagon works – making an impassioned pleas for more wooden coffee stirrers to be used as wooden boards between the rails.

Dave proved the old adage that you never have the right type of point when trying to lay out a fiddle yard – a large pile of right handed points when left handed ones were needed.

Malcolm H helped us all in a number of activities and has taken on the challenge of wiring the revised station mimic panel.

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