28th November – The Viaduct Takes Shape

28th November – The Viaduct Takes Shape

Some good progress on the fiddle yard pointwork; the freight abd outer loop sidings are now complete. The layout of the pointwork for the inner loop has been agreed and will be secured to the baseboard next week.

Time was spent on the servo connection for a point on the west end of the fiddle yard. Due to restricted space, a 90 degree turn on the connecting rod was required.

Some time was spent positioning the viaduct in the ‘ravine’ and some woodwork was removed from the baseboard to make it fit.

The four pairs of arches were glued and clamped together, upside down to ensure that the trackbed was flat.

The side walls dor the top of the viaduct and the drainpipes to hide the gaps have also been printed and will be added later.

Given that there is no plexibility on the curve of the viaduct, it fits very will into the existing trackwork with only minor re-alignment needed.

Some terraced cottages are being built. The more advanced terrace has been made using traditional modelling techniques. However, a random light switching unit has been added bringing it up to date. Questions were asked about the significance of a red light in one of the cottages but Richard explained he had run out of white liights.

The second approach is to produce the terrace using a 3D printer. So far only the roof, doors and windows have been printed. However the doors and windows already printed seem to have found their way onto the traditional terrace.

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