5th December – All About Glues

5th December – All About Glues

Last week, we had glued and clamped the viaduct sections together using Gorilla glue gel and left them to set. Two of the three joins worked but a lip on the edge of one arch prevented the gel getting a grip. Fortunately we had brought some five minute epoxy glue and after a conservative 30 minute wait we had a solid viaduct.

Some test painting has started on some walls that did not print correctly. Clear differences are emerging between the arches which are printed horizontally and the upper walls which are printed vertically.

Dave and Malcolm H started laying the trackwork on the viaduct which they had concluded needed to be done before finishing the pointwork in the fiddle yard. This time PVA was used to glue the track to the viaduct. Questions were asked about the clearance betweeen the track and the wall at the side of the track but these questions were confidently rebutted.


Dave did some preparitory work on the station side of the viaduct, clearing away the ballast under the track that will need to be relayed to link with the viaduct.

Malcolm H started the work on the wiring of the replacement mimic panel for the station, supported by Ray and Allan.

Further parts for the 3D printed terraced house have been produced, To date there are walls, windows and one section of roof. Some experimentation has been done with the windows using different colours on different layers to try and pick out some of the detail.

Malcolm C challenged us over the 3D printed door. Although he liked the detail, he pointed out that this type of door would normally have been transparent.

Thus challenged, we found a transparent filament and tried again.

The resulting door consists of three klayers, the first lays down the transparent layer, then the bronze door edges and finally the white door frame and masonary.

A lego tile has been used to demonstrate the transparency.

All a bit dolls house, the modellers will get working on this to make the colours and textures more realistic.

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