Cottages – 6th March

Cottages – 6th March

Richard continues to make progress with the wagon works. The workers cottages shown are the latest addition.

Some additional parts have been pronted for the pump house to assess if they are of a high enough quality to be used.

The baluster looks to be good enough but we have still to scale it to the correct size.

Ray encountered one of those days where the 3D printer was just peverse. Nothing would stick to the plate. Some hours later everything just worked OK but, of course, there wasn’t enough time to print what he wanted in the first place.

The layout is currently using the first iteration of the mimic panels using a metal plate. Malcolm is currently wiring the second iteration that uses a printed plate. The thisrd version shown will use a printed plate and a printed enclosure.

Malcolm H started the testing but it did not go well. Allan looked at it and couldn’t solve the problem either.

After further testing at home the problem became clearer – some of the diagrams we were using had a non-standard allocation of pin numbers, used to connect the panel to the controller board.

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