I’ve Finished – 13th February

I’ve Finished – 13th February

Well – Richard hasn’t! but progress on the wagon works is good – even to th extent that Malcolm C congratuated Richard on the quality of his painting – if only we’d had a tape recorder.

Richard has also picked-up the pump house challenge, found a photo and commissioned another three windows to be produced. We tried to get him to use the pumping station at Shepperton as his model but somehow that particular idea did not have any traction.

I must admit to being hoist by my own petard over the pump house. It has just odccurred to me that Rchard is likely to demand windows with glazing so that means yet another item on the 3D to-do list.

Ray printed off another DCC controller bezel. The cheap 3D filament that we obtained from Lidl is working well.

Malcolm H finished the wiring of the station mimic panel. We can now start the testing next week – after we have figured out how to run the cables from the module to the stripboard.

Malcolm C has finally declared the viaduct formally open – and has made a dash back to his own layout, Dockland.

There were one or two quibbles from other members of the team.

What about the wall on the top of the viaduct – apparently Dave is the man for that particular job.

What about the drainpipes? What about the paint job? – apparently Dave is going to be delighted to be doing this too.

Someone also asked if trains had been run across the viaduct under electric power (Malcolm has been observed pushing trains by hand). Malcolm observed it was about time the sparkies did soemthing useful and sort that one out for him.

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