Modelling for Men – 30th January

Modelling for Men – 30th January

This section of the layout has been a challenge since day one. First it was going to be a viaduct, then a girder bridge and finally a viaduct. The original idea was that this section would be removable to allow access to a central well but despite Malcolm C’s considerable woodworking skills, it has proved impossible to effect a section that would locate reliably into the gap. So it is now permanent and the we are all going to have to access the well on our hands and knees. A limbo dancing approach may be an alternative. However, I fear that, this technique may be beyond most members.

Richard is starting to make significant progress with the buildings in the wagon works. A number of different techniques are being tested and as you can see from the phot below, he had gathered a considerable audience at one point.

Experimentation with 3D printing of doors and windows is continuing. It is much more challenging on a 4mm scale as compared to Dockland which is a 7mm scale. Nevertheless, the printed doors seem to have worked well and there is scope for doing further work on the windows. A set of 4mm Pump House windows has been found on the Thingiverse but is yet to be printed.

Last but not least, Malcolm H continued his work on the station mimic panel.

The switches and lights are multiplexed and this requires considerable discipline in the connections. Nornmally there is a common return that is connected to most components. However, in a multiplexed solution, each group of four LEDs and switches has its own common return. It looks ever so simple on the circuit diagram, but not so easy when it comes to laying out the wires on the strip board.

The good news is that Malcolm H is refinding his soldering technique in the process and his de-soldering technique has come on leaps and bounds.

After this panel, there is still the fiddle yard panel to do. Short straws are being drawn to see who is going to break the news to Malcolm. The fiddle yard has considerably more points and lights so it will make the station mimic panel seem easy.

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