The Loco-Motion – 27th February

The Loco-Motion – 27th February

After the droppers were resoldered after changes in the trackwork, locos were successfully run on the inner and outer loops. One point is causing derailments and will need to be looked at next week.

Malcolm H continued with the station mimic panel. Meanwhile work is continuing on the new fiddle yard mimic panel. The dimensions of the case are being refined and the stripboard design is underway.

Richard demonstrated his multi tasking ability by both roof painting on the wagon works and giving the station platform a much needed lick of paint. The pump hall needs some baluster, so Richard got his own back and challenged me to find a baluster that could be printed

Talking of the new fiddle yard mimic panel, the photo below shows the work in progress. Of course there is a mistake (I’d like to claim it was deliberate) which my modelling colleagues wlll take great pleasure in pointing out the error of my (permanent) ways. And yes, I know that the LEDs haven’t been put in place.

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