Wagon Train – 20th February

Wagon Train – 20th February

Without Malcolm C, Dave and the sparkies, Richard has been able to make significant progress on the wagon works.

A voice was heard from under the baseboard (think Violet-Elizabeth Bott) “Whass changed?”

“It’s been weathered.” said Richard.

“Aaaah – you mean it is dirtier now.”

“Suppose so.”

At this point Richard slinked off with his six new windows to work on the pump house challenge, all the time,  thinking that he must remember to remove blocks of wood before taking photographs. 

It all started so well for Malcolm H. Testing of the station mimic panel was postponed to focus on the socket to interface to the CANPAN module. After soldering the 26 connections, the sound of a continuity meter was heard, confirming electrical connections where there shouldn’t be any. Allan’s suggestion of scapping the board and starting again was not received well.

The photo on the left shouws current progress on the fiddle yard mimic panel. This will be Malcolm H’s next challenge.

Allan’s do list for the next week now has an item about attempting to de-solder a 26 pin socket.

So what has all of this to do with the title “Wagon Train” – nothing really, I just liked the juxtaposition of the words in the context of the wagon works.

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